Our Massages

Signature Massage

You can personalize each session for your individual needs with a wide variety of modalities, including:

Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Myoskeletal Assessments and Resets, Sports Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Stretching.

You may choose anything from a quick treatment session on targeted areas, a lengthy session for multiple problematic areas needing integrated work, or a delightful escape from the every day chaos.

30 Minutes / $45 | 45 Minutes / $60 | 1 Hour / $75 | 1 Hour & 30 Minutes / $110 | 2 Hours / $145

Mother Massage

Pregnancy Massage specifically tailors to the expecting mother’s changing bodies during pregnancy. Muscle Energy Techniques helps to alleviate the overstressed body and Lymphatic Drainage helps to reduce edema in the extremities.

Postpartum Massage concentrates on alleviating strain and regaining health. Trigger Point Therapy and Myoskeletal Assessments help to stretch the back, lengthen the muscles, improve posture and balance the pelvic rotation.

1 Hour / $75 | 1 Hour & 30 Minutes / $110

Hot Stone Massage

Round, smooth stones are heated to luxurious warmth, oiled and used in the palm of the hands to massage the body.

1 Hour / $85 | 1 Hour & 30 Minutes / $120 | 2 Hours / $155

Sticks & Stones Massage

Warm bamboo sticks and heated smooth stones are used for an ultimate experience. It will leave you feeling relaxed and energized with a sense that your muscles have stretched, warmed and elongated.

1 Hour & 30 Minutes / $120 | 2 Hours / $155

Raindrop Massage

Unique bodywork developed by Young Living founder D. Gary Young. Treatment includes 7 single essential oils and 2 blends applied using the Vitaflex technique to the feet and the spine with the idea of releasing any blockages in the body.

1 Hour & 15 Minutes / $105

Sa Wan Herbal Massage

Traditional Thai Massage treatment which combines Swedish Massage and Thai stretching with a warm compress. The herbal compresses are used to stimulate acupressure points allowing a smooth flow along energy channels; known as Sen Sib lines.

1 Hour & 30 Minutes / $125

Face, Neck & Scalp Massage

Ideal for migraine or sinus headache sufferers with the use of heated towels, eucalyptus oil and cold marble stones are integrated with massage for maximum relief.

30 Minutes / $45

Stretching Session

The Active Isolated Stretching method of muscle lengthenin and fascial release is a type of athletic stretching that provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups.

30 Minutes /  $45

Paraffin Treatment

Deep heat therapy for arthritis and joint pain.

20 Minutes /  $15

Aroma Stone Massage

We don’t know what’s better: warm stones massaging the skin or the heady blend of eucalyptus, mandarin, and french lavender essential oils. But we do know this calming, soothing massage is perfect for tired, achey muscles and frazzled nerves.

1 Hour / $85 | 90 Minutes / $120 | 2 Hour / $155

Thai Yoga Massage

Ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called Sen, and assisted yoga postures.

90 Minutes / $125

Body Scrub, Mask & Massage

All over dry brushing, body scrub and moisturizing mask are incorporated with the Signature Massage for a luxurious and hydrating experience.

90 Minutes / $130 | 2 Hour / $160

Corporate Massage

In office chair massage brings benefits to your company by increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved morale, lowered health care costs and staff goodwill. Your staff will enjoy reduced stress and anxiety, relief, and immune system boost. Must be a minimum of two hours and you must call for scheduling.

1 Hour / $100 

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Warmed salt stones packed with magnesium, 84+ minerals and trace elements are massages into the body.

90 Minutes / $125