Sheila Perez MethodTM

The body reshaping and contouring Sheila Perez Method™ is the best, most effective and addictive aesthetic treatment on the market. Sheila has reinvented the modern massage world by creating an updated, refined technique with various maneuvers not found on the market with no other devices that can achieve the same results as this manual therapy. Results are primarily achieved in the abdomen, waist, hips, and buttocks. Immediate liposculpture results are accomplished after one treatment by stimulating and enhancing a network of vessels that move fluids in the body creating reduced measurements, defining muscles, and transforming skin texture. It also eliminates cellulite, fluid retention, and toxins. Each individual's results vary due to size, body type, diet, physical activity, and lifestyle.

Regular Lymphatic Drainage doesn’t achieve the same weight loss results, but the Sheila Perez Method™ does. This revolutionary technique directly influences the neurovegetative system, immune system, and vascular system. Also, activating blood circulation and accelerating postpartum and postoperative recovery process. Results are best combined with a balanced diet, intake of plenty of water, and physical activity.

In addition to the arterial system and venous system, the lymphatic system works as a third circulatory system. Lymph fluid is rich in protein, white blood cells, microorganisms, dead cells, blood cells which can also carry bacteria and toxins. Its feature is viscous and yellowish. Lymph, like blood, performs metabolic exchanges with the cells and is then collected by the vessels of the lymphatic system, returning to the ganglia. It’s very important to the immune system, helping the body recognize and combat germs, infections, and other foreign substances.

Common areas where lymph nodes are found inside of the neck, clavicle sternum, axilla, groin, and bowl of pelvis.

It’s no wonder the Sheila Perez Method is so popular among many celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell, Lenny Kravitz, Polina Ross, and Phil Collins. Australian model Elle McPherson ( AKA The Body) receives regular massage from Sheila Perez.

Tips before treatment:

Exfoliate for better penetration from the active ingredients of the product that will be used during treatment.
Light fasting 2 hours before treatment deep, vigorous movements are performed on the abdomen.

Tips after treatment:

Some bruising may occur after treatment, use arnica extract topically and/or internally.
Eat fruits, vegetables, and drink plenty of water.
Rest as needed and stay regular with physical activity.

Benefits of the Sheila Perez MethodTM:

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Eliminates waste
  • Activates immune system
  • Acts as a painkiller
  • Relieves bruising and swelling after plastic surgery
  • Assists in cellulite treatment
  • Combats swelling and fluid retention
  • Help in fight against cellulite
  • Assists recovery of muscle and joint injuries
  • Collaborates in tissue healing
  • Prevents scar adhesion after plastic surgery
  • 1 Treatment: $350
  • 1 Package
  • (4 Treatments): $1,200

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Disclaimer: Each individual's results vary. Your best results depend on YOU and YOUR lifestyle.