Detox by Rebecca

Lymphatic Drainage-this technique stimulates and enhances a network of vessels that moves fluid in the body, reducing edema and activating circulation. It helps to eliminate excess fluids and toxins, facilitates treatment of dreaded cellulite, swelling and lymphedema, and is also used postoperatively.

1 hour/$100

Brazilian Lymphatic & Sculpting

Rebecca's technique brings all of the benefits of lymphatic drainage and also shapes the body contours by reducing localized fat measures, and volume. By employing vigorous movements that target the deeper layers of skin, the technique facilitates the release of fat cells (adipocytes). This process not only enhances circulation and metabolism but also aids in combating localized fat and cellulite, particularly in light to moderate cases, ensuring a curvy silhouette.


A clients approach:

Healthy lifestyle-nutrition, physical activity, stress management, quality sleep

Inflammation reduction-dietary choices, regular exercise, stress reduction. Diet rich in fruits, vegetables and omega three fatty acids.

Insulin management-maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

High cortisol-stress equals weight gain

Menstrual cycle awareness-change in hormones causes fluid retention

Morning routine

Creates healthy circadian cycle. Sunshine, stretching, tongue scraping, hydration before anything. Rebecca's cleanse tea for overall health and digestion.

Sleep Routine

Do something relaxing and get a full 8 hours of sleep. Red light therapy can help promote natural production of melatonin.

Legs up against the wall 20min/day helps to reduce swelling.
Walking 30min/day for weight management, improving respiratory system, helps reduce inflammation related conditions, and promotes overall sense of well being.

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Disclaimer: Each individual's results vary. Your best results depend on YOU and YOUR lifestyle.