Fasciology by Ashley Black

"If blood flow and nerve activity can be disrupted by unhealthy fascia, then the functionality of any system in the body can be disrupted by unhealthy fascia." -Ashley Black (The Cellulite Myth)
Fascia, coming from the Latin word, fasciae, meaning bandage, bundle, or a binding substance and/or covering.

Healthy fascia:

Soft and pliable, glides properly over structures, proper alignment of the body, muscles can stretch and contract, muscles can perform their specific functions and movements, and properly supports internal structures.

Unhealthy fascia:

Becomes hard and tight, restricts everything it penetrates, compromised blood flow, decreased range of motion, compromised vital structures, muscles are underperforming, development of RAD(restrictions, adhesions, distortions), and development of compensations in the body leads to a host of other issues.

Unaddressed fascia:

Leads to improper biomechanics and posture, weakness of muscles, instability of bone and joints, compression of the vertebrae, physical and functional impairment, pain, and nerve impingement.

Fascia blasting is a noninvasive technique to address soft tissue dysfunctions. Specifically designed tools are used to stimulate the body's natural inflammation response. In addition, it's proven to assist the body in regeneration, remodeling and restoring proper function to specific target areas of the body.

Benefits and Possibilities:

Increased collagen production, decreased systemic inflammation, increased metabolism, increased irisin levels, 100% decreased cellulite, hair growth, improve muscle response, increased blood circulation, improve posture abnormalities, scar tissue and restoration of fascial tissues, improvement of tissue integrity, increased range of motion

Aesthetic Possibilities:

Skin tightening and firming, improve stretch marks, varicose veins, weight loss, and reverse aging.

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