Bodyworks Massage

BodyWorks Massage is a locally woman owned massage therapy office owned and operated by Martha Jackson, LMT. Martha has been practicing massage since 2003, and is an active professional member with the American Massage Therapy Association. She holds special certifications in the following: arthokinetics, neural resets, myoskeletal assessments, active isolated stretching, and cupping through the International Cupping Association. In addition, she holds advanced certifications in the following: Sheila Perez Method, Renata Franca Method, Detox by Rebecca, Fasciology by Ashley Black, and Sculptural Facelifting Technique.

Although, the practice of massage therapy has been used for thousands of years to aid in the reduction of pain and alleviate symptoms of some physical and mental conditions. There has been recent breakthroughs in the massage industry within the past several years. As we learn more about the human body, we develop advanced techniques which lead to quicker and better results. BodyWorks Massage has kept up to date with these newly developed methods to further enhance these health benefits, as well as aesthetics, for each clients body and needs. Each therapy is personalized for each individual.



Detox by Rebecca and the Signature Services are some of our most popular massages. Click below to learn more about this and many other relaxing services we offer here at Bodyworks Massage.

Fasciology by Ashley Black

Fascia, a connective tissue throughout your body, can impact your entire health. Fascia problems can disrupt blood flow, nerves, and even muscle function. Healthy fascia is flexible and keeps your body aligned, while unhealthy fascia can lead to tightness, pain, and limited mobility. Fascia blasting is a technique that uses tools to improve fascia health, potentially leading to benefits like increased circulation, better posture, and even reduced cellulite.


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